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History in short

The Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA) is an independent institution formed under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Education. The institution was established in 1999 by an act of Parliament.

With the establishment of EVA, Denmark got a single organisation for the evaluation of all levels of the Danish educational sector, ranging from primary and secondary education to higher education, and adult education and training. From 2008, the field was further widened to encompass the extensive Danish sector of early childhood education.

The institute succeeded the Evaluation Centre for Higher Education, which existed from 1992-1999. The former centre was integrated into the new institute, which could base therefore itself on staff, knowledge and experience of the centre.

Denmark was one of the first countries in Europe to set up a national system for the external evaluation of higher education. The Danish Centre for Quality Assurance and Evaluation of Higher Education was established in 1992 and till 1999 fulfilled its mandate to evaluate all higher education programmes at university as well as at non-university level at a regular and systematic basis. 

Executive Director
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Mikkel Haarder