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EVA is headed by a managing director and a board. The organisation consist of five departments each specialised in their educational field, a communications unit and a secretariat.

The Executive Director and the Board

EVA is headed by Executive Director Mikkel Haarder and a board of directors.

The Danish Minister for Education appoints the chairman of the board, while the nine board members are recommended by different relevant councils and ministries within the fields of education and day care.

The board is responsible for the overall supervision of the Danish Evaluation Institute. It appoints the Executive Director of EVA.

Moreover, EVA benefits from the work of a committee of representatives from municipalities, school board associations, employers, pupil and student unions, headmaster and vice-chancellor assemblies, associations of managers and executives, and teachers' unions. The committee of representatives comments on EVA's annual report and the priority of planned activities.

EVA consists of seven units of which five specializes within different areas of the educational system

Organization chart 2017

Executive Director
D +45 3525 4689
Mikkel Haarder