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Quality assurance at EVA

At EVA, we are continuously working to assure and develop the quality of our operations, processes and services. We have a series of internal quality assurance mechanisms, and we are proactive in gathering feedback on our work from external partners and customers.

External feedback to suit individual projects

The diversity within EVA’s tasks means that our collection of external feedback is tailored to suit the individual projects that we carry out. Thus, it is arranged focusing on the best possible learning and on the effect of EVA’s work.

European Network for Internal Quality Assurance

EVA initiated IQA, Internal Quality Assurance, and is represented in the network's steering committee. The IQA network is a European forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and inspiration about internal quality assurance. IQA is part of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, ENQA.

Affiliate of ENQA

EVA is an affiliate of ENQA as of 2015.

EVA was formerly a full member of ENQA, as approved through an external evaluation of EVA in 2010-11.

Read about the external evaluation of EVA here.

You can read more about the ENQA Standards on ENQA's site.


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