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Read more on issues and the context of EVA's work within the field of adult education and training.

Issues within basic and further adult education

The educational options at the basic levels are aiming at early school leavers and other persons with a low level of educational attainment. These options have the purpose of raising the minimum level of education and giving adults better skills in e.g. mathematics, reading, and writing. Adults from other ethnic groups than Danish are also a target group. The challenge within this field is typically to increase the participation at the right programmes and to stimulate small as well as larger enterprises to demand vocationally oriented programmes for the early school leavers among their staff.

Within further adult education where accreditation is a main task, our focus is on assuring quality, relevance, transparency and flexibility between the different levels, e.g. diploma and master levels.

We use acknowledged approaches from social science, both quantitative and qualitative methods.


The Danish system for adult education and continuing training is a success. OECD’s assessment places Denmark as number one in the world with regard to participation in lifelong learning activities. The system fully covers the mainstream education system, it is coherent, and it has complete backing politically.


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