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Adult education and continuing training

In the area of adult education and continuing training we draw on both specific knowledge within the area and on knowledge from our work within the other educational areas as adult education and continuing training typically correspond to mainstream primary, secondary or higher education. We have carried out evaluations of e.g. preparatory adult education, adult vocational training programmes, and the diploma degree system which is continuing professional education at bachelor level.

Main tasks

The area of adult education and continuing training covers both basic adult educational programmes and further adult educational programmes. Within the different levels we carry out evaluations and surveys and convey knowledge originating from the projects.

Our tasks within the area divide into two main tracks. We carry out initial accreditation assessments of short-cycle and medium-cycle further continuing professional education. In the assessment we focus on quality and relevance in relation to demands of the labour market.

We also carry out evaluations and surveys of how the different aspects of the area function, e.g. preparatory adult education and basic adult education – a parallel to respectively lower and upper secondary education in the mainstream education system.

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The Ministry of Education has published fact sheets on the Danish education and training system.

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