Early childhood education
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Early Childhood Education

Within the area of early childhood education we carry out evaluations and collect and communicate knowledge on day care for children. We develop tools and host seminars on evaluation and quality development for day care centres and local authorities.

Our tasks

In the area of early childhood education, we typically work within two main arenas. We carry out evaluations and collect and convey knowledge in the field. This work can e.g. be about children’s development of language skills or about how the local authorities carry out the obligatory task of assessing the language skills of three year old children.

Also, we work to enhance the local knowledge and competencies within evaluation and quality issues in day centres and local municipalities. We do this through presentations, seminars, and our specially designed ‘EVA days’ on quality issues tailored to the specific needs of local authorities and day centres.

Too, we aim to convert our knowledge into useful tools. For instance, we have developed a tool which can support the individual day centre in its work with setting objectives and evaluating the learning of children within the overall themes of the pedagogical curriculum, which belong under the Ministry of Social Welfare. In 2009 we have published a handbook on how to set objectives and evaluate local development projects. In this work we are aiming to be in close contact with the target group.


EVA is establishing a Nordic network on quality issues within day care. We have also taken the initiative to establish a sub-network under ICSEI highlighting day care.

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Scandinavian research on 0-6 year-old children

The Nordic Base on Early Childhood Education and Care gathers new, quality assured Scandinavian research on 0-6 year-old children in early childhood education and care - free of charge. Read more about the database here.