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Working together for a good start at school

Year of publication: 2013
A dialogue tool for the transition to school.

A good start at school is important for the rest of the child’s time at school. One way to ensure a good start at school is for teachers and child carers to talk about each other’s practices and cultures, expectations and goals. The Danish Evaluation Institute has developed a tool which can help this dialogue.

The tool in brief

  • The dialogue tool is based on dialogue cards which are the common focal point of a conversation.
  • The cards contain statements and photos which trigger a conversation about the common starting point for the collaboration on children’s transition and how the collaboration is to be put into practice. The tool also has a process guide which supports the dialogue, as well as articles based on new research about children’s transition that the participants can read for inspiration before the meeting.
  • The dialogue is divided into two phases and a review phase in which participants determine the next steps in the collaboration.
  • The conversation lasts about three hours, and the best result is achieved if child carers from kindergartens and after-school centres as well as pre-school class managers and teachers participate.

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Working together for a good start at school

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