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Within the area of higher education we conduct different types of cross-sectoral evaluations that can contribute new knowledge and lead to development


Cross-sectoral evaluations are more flexible tools than the criteria-based accreditations that focus on a number of predetermined themes.

Our evaluations are designed to match the purpose formulated at the beginning of each project. At the same time, relevant research are drawn on so that analyses of and recommendations for the development of practice are based on the latest knowledge.

We carry out different types of cross-sectoral evaluations, e.g.:

Thematic evaluations

Thematic evaluations can help to direct focus towards current research questions that create challenges regarding quality in a wide range of programmes and institutes across the education sector. This applies to issues connected with recruitment and enrolling students, the development of teaching methods, internationalisation, renewing examination methods, modularisation and much more

Comparative evaluations of selected programmes

These evaluations are organised in a flexible manner so that they can target the given wishes and needs for development in the individual case. Comparative evaluation could draw on international experience so that there can be an exchange of knowledge between Danish and foreign programmes.

Evaluations that focus on transitions

In this type of evaluations, we focus on relevant transition problems, on concrete opportunities and barriers for those who have completed a course of education, for instance, and who want further training to move from one level of qualification to the next, on enrolment procedures and systems, or on student turnover in the education system.

Evaluations that focus on strengthening capacity

In this type of evaluation, we typically focus on supporting the ability of institute staff to handle certain challenges and will therefore essentially have a purely formative or developmental aim.

Read more on cross-sectoral evaluations here.

Other tasks include:

  • Revenue-generating activities within the field of higher education e.g. evaluations of programmes or research or knowledge centres or policy studies
  • Presentations, seminars and conferences on quality issues within higher education. 

By law, EVA is entitled to engage in revenue-generating activities, and a good share of EVA’s activities are commissioned tasks, e.g. on behalf of ministries, higher education institutions or non-governmental organizations.


The methods we use in surveys and evaluations are acknowledged approaches from social sciences. We continue to develop our quality assurance procedures in line with international standards and practice.

Networks and international activities

EVA cooperates with and participates in the following international networks amongst others:

  • ENQA - European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
  • NOQA - The Nordic Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education
  • Inqaahe - International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education.

Have an overview of our international activities within the networks here.

A brief history

Since 1999, EVA has systematically assessed programmes and institutions within higher education. We have been responsible for external quality assurance of short, medium and long cycle programmes.

In 2007, an Act of Parliament introduced systematic accreditation of all higher education programmes in Denmark as mandatory external quality assurance. In addition to this, the act introduced a new accreditation agency for long cycle programmes, ACE DENMARK, responsible for accrediting university programmes, with EVA being responsible for accrediting short and medium cycle programmes.

In June 2013 ACE DENMARK became responsible for accreditation of all higher education programmes in Denmark and was renamed as The Danish Accreditation Institution.

Head of Division
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Jakob Rathlev
EVA is an ENQA Affiliate

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Recognition of international qualifications

Read about assessment of qualifications and about entry to Danish higher education at the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation.

Accreditation of educational programmes

The Danish Accreditation Institution accredits study programmes within higher education.

The Accreditation Council makes the final decision on accreditation of all higher education in Denmark.