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Primary and lower secondary education

In the area of primary and lower secondary education, EVA carries out surveys and evaluations, and we communicate our knowledge of the area to schools, local authorities, and other interested parties. Since 1999, EVA has completed a wide range of evaluations within e.g. school management, differentiated teaching, and special needs education.

Our tasks

In the area of primary and lower secondary education, we typically work within two main arenas.

We conduct evaluations. Often these evaluations are large-scale and focus on current themes or subjects in primary and lower secondary schools.

Also, we convey our extensive knowledge about evaluation methods to schools, municipalities and more to build local competencies within evaluation and to foster a local evaluation culture. We do this through presentations, seminars, project days, conferences, and our specially designed ’EVA days’ about evaluation and quality issues, where municipalities and others spar with EVA.

Through these activities, we also bring results from our projects into play in a local and situated context, e.g. knowledge about special needs education and school management.

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At the Ministry of Education's website, you will find more information on Danish primary and lower secondary education - the Folkeskole