Upper secondary education
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Upper secondary education

At the area of upper secondary education EVA works with surveys and evaluations of both subjects, interdisciplinary themes and initiatives and communicates knowledge on evaluation to the different educational institutions and to the Ministry of Education. Projects within the area often deal with quality issues at an institutional level or with how reforms are being implemented at schools.

Our tasks

In the area of upper secondary education our tasks typically divide into two main fields. We conduct evaluations of subjects, innovative aspects of reforms, and efforts - either on our own initiative or on request from the Ministry of Education, school leader assemblies and others.

The other main field is about building knowledge and competencies on evaluation and quality work locally at schools. We do this through presentations, seminars, project days, and conferences about evaluation and quality issues.

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Find more information on the methods we use and the context of our work here.

Further information is available at the Ministry of Education’s website.